Chromaggus defeated !
February 12, 2006

After only one attempt, this two headed Magmadar upgrade is defeated before the power or Rang Rang Liao, Kings, and Horde Rock Cafe!

Flamegor defeated !
February 11, 2006

After only a few attempts, Flamegor goes down!

Ebonroc defeated !
February 11, 2006

On our second attempt, Ebonroc meets the fate of his brother, Firemaw! Next comes Ebonroc!

Firemaw defeated !
February 05, 2006

Firemaw can't kill us if he can't see us. Firemaw meets the fate of all simple minded creatures. Survival of the Fittest ! Empire Rang forever !

Broodlord Lashlayer defeated !
January 22, 2006

Broodlord hits hard but we hit harder!

Vaelastrasz the Corrupt defeated !
January 21, 2006

Poor Vaelastrasz, your corruption will be avenged!

Razorgore defeated !
January 14, 2006

The Blackwing Lair takeover has begun ! For the Rang!

Blackwing Lair begins !
December 07, 2006 -

Ragnaros defeated !
November 05, 2005

Our MC Conquest is over ! Rang Rang Liao, Kings, and Horde Rock Cafe stand victorious!

Majordomo defeated !
August 27, 2005

We have let you live, but your death shall be quick and painful at the hands of our next target: Ragnaros!

Sulfuron and Golemagg defeated !
August 22, 2005

Another Double Kill ! Ragnaros doesn't stand a chance!

Baron Geddon and Shazzrah defeated !
August 15, 2005

Two Double Kills !

Gehennas and Garr defeated !
August 13, 2005

Double Kill!

Magmadar defeated !
August 12, 2005

The two headed doggy gets put to sleep

Lucifron defeated !
August 02, 2005

The MC conquest begins !

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